Bếp mường

Bep Muong Staff

Bep Muong Restaurant always prouds of young, dynamic, profesional customer service team. It is easily regconizeable when you come to Bep Muong Restaurant or communicate through telephone that our consultants always provide customer with helpful information and assist with the highest enthusiasm. With the mindset "custumer is friend", consulting team will take care of every customer's demand by the most careful way.

Bep Muong always make customer impress by using carefulness as distinctive style, customer satisfaction as a measure of working ability. Nothing better than gathering with friends, family in the warm and peaceful atmosphere of Bep Muong. You can enjoy ethnic foods, watch a peaceful landscape with green bamboo and birds chirping. It's no exaggeration to say Bep Muong has created a peaceful buffer pitches in Ha Thanh cuisine village.